From looking around at the documentation I cannot figure out a way to do this. The example in this case is that Apache Commons just released Commons Logging 1.1, which is meant to be a backwards compatible maintenance release. I'd like to upgrade the pom that Stripes is inserted into IBiblio with to allow (but not require) commons logging version 1.1, while requiring at least version 1.0.4. But I can't find a way to do it and am left wondering if it's even possible.

If this isn't possible, how do folks resolve the situation where you are using one library that depends on version 1.x of something, and another that depends on version 1.y of something? Does maven already handle this internally, and promote to the more recent version? Do you end up with both in your classpath (yikes - I'd hope not).

I should not that I'm not really a big maven user - I don't even use it to build Stripes, so it's not easy to test this kind of thing out. I just assemble a pom.xml so that Stripes can be uploaded to IBiblio, and other people can grab it with maven.