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Friday December 30, 2005

Perils of teaching Java in Computer Science schools

Joel's news letter on "perils of teaching Java in Computer Science schools" gives wrong directions for me in this generation.
I am not worried about language taught at collage level. But the student should have a skill and he should be learning is "Problem Solving Techniques". For this we better follow a process by learning "Writing Algorithms" and "Data Structures" then jump into any programming language which student is good at and by choosing the language which makes his life easier for solving that problem. What makes sense learning C, C++, Java and C# without the skill required to solve a problem. 
I can choose a programming language based on the requirement I have. In the olden days I didn't have choice other than C and C++ so that they are taught in schools and previous to that student used to do teach and programs in assembly language now they have a choice to jump into modern languages.
I enjoyed coding C and C++ at school level, now I am doing Java.  I don't understand why all students should get "Segmentation Fault" to weed out at school level. If I have some business requirement as "Web application", I cannot simply hire a C or C++ guy who is damn good at pointers and recursion to get my job finished.
I accept that there should be some students who should be good at C and C++ whom he is referring as Stars. But all may not be Stars in this area and they succeed to their level with their interests.

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