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Saturday November 05, 2005

Firefox - Close Tabs warning message (If you are not getting)

I had a peculiar behavior after installing FF 1.5 Beta 2 at home machine, Somehow I clicked on the cross button of browser, it instantly closed the browser without asking the message Close Tabs. I felt this is weird and in first place I lost several unread windows L. I know it was working till last night. Then I did a bit of googling on how to make the warning message appear. The key is there preference list which was made false, (I don?t know how).  Follow below instructions if you face similar problem

a. Type about:config in address bar

b. Check for browser.tabs.warnOnClose

c. Make it ?true? (Since it is false the warning message is not coming.)

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Friday October 14, 2005

Google Home page in 2084

The home page has fun of categories.


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Thursday September 08, 2005

My Job Went to India

I am a bit charged up to see this book in market. I wonder what all they have written :-). You can find more about this book here.



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Wednesday August 03, 2005

Smile Test

Take this smile test to test your ability in identifying the genuine, fake smiles. Smile will appear only once and you have to decide in the mean time.  


I got 13 out of 20. (Looks I am not that poor).

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Saturday July 30, 2005

Toolbars, MSN Search in IE7 Beta 1

I haven't seen IE7 yet, but I saw few screen shots on MS website. The other day was full of rumors on IE7 support for Google and Yahoo toolbar is no more and default search engine is MSN. Alas I know MS again will not do such a Monopoly activity as stated above. IE blog has confirmed on the above two rumors that are speeded from popular website that there is nothing like non- support for toolbars and default search for MSN. IE blog confirms that they have list box contains 5 major search engines includes. This is where you can read more on this.


Update:You can read complete review on IE7 here.

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The Birth of Google

Wired is running a nice article on The Birth of Google. This is an excerpt from upcoming book by John Battelle named The Search in september. John wrote about the Page and Brin?s first meeting, their behavior, crawler style, page ranking and how did they setup their first lab at Stanford. I am looking forward for this book which is already available at Amazon for Pre ? Order. You can read article here.

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Friday July 22, 2005

Longhorn Gets a Name: Windows Vista

 Microsoft has chosen an official name for Longhorn named as Windows Vista. Looks MS has already registered the domain name some time in March Windowsvista.com.  The word 'vista' defined means "pleasing view." So at last Longhorn is named :) You can read more here 

 Any comments on new name? How do you feel with this name? How fast it can be into community? 

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Firefox 1.1 is scrapped

Yes, because of several bug fixes and changes, release of FF1.1 is scrapped and the FF1.5 beta will be released next month. The road map and code names are released for 2.0 and 3.0 which are tentative. Goals for 2.0 and 3.0 are not yet clear and the dates are unconfirmed. I feel like it is better way of releasing 1.5 rather releasing 1.1 with lots of bugs introduced, but at the same time this is major slippage for FF team. You cans see more details on Roadmap for 2.0/3.0 here.

UPDATE: There is an update from Inside Firefox saying that the numbers (version) are changed, it doesn't mean that 1.1 is scrapped. Read more here.

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Thursday July 21, 2005

Gmail is down and it appears to be lost its trademark

Gmal is down at 9:00AM IST. Other day I was reading some discussion that it appears that Google lost its battle to Gmail TM. Today morning I found that the URL is changed to http://mail.google.com/mail . Even though you type http://gmail.google.com/gmail, it redirects to http://mail.google.com/mail. It looks they are changing their domains and it is very sad news for Google which has not appeared in Google press/ Google news.
UPDATE: Interestingly Gmail is working for some people and it is not working initially for me , I thought it was cached, but later it started working .

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Wednesday July 20, 2005

Google Moon Launched

Today is the day some years back man landed on Moon. (20th July 1969). Giving respect :) to that Google has launched Moon as its extension product to Maps and Earth. It is not so great in the early as it contains all the NASA images. We can see exact sports that the Apollo astronauts made their landings. You can enjoy Moon on Google here .



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Tuesday June 28, 2005

Google Earth - My place

Alas, I cannot really show my place but it is in between Airport and "Kukatpally". Google earth is scanning upto 1783 feet. I thought I could show my building where I stay, Is there any possible way to get buildings?

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Wednesday June 15, 2005

Who Will Google Buy Next?

An article ran by Andrevan who lists all the companies that google had bought and his wish list that google might acquire soon. Here is the entire article you can find.


Wednesday June 08, 2005

Lifecycle of Bloggers

To all blogger, this is an interesting blog post on Lifecycle of blogger. via Kiruba. I think every blogger should read this.


Google vs. Yahoo! Interface Design

Google and Yahoo are almost matching their product offerings and the service level is almost same. There is an interesting comparison made on the features that Google and Yahoo provides. This is the comment made by Luke.

"If you see at high level Yahoo is more reaching with its business goals with their product designs."

Here is the link to full feature comparison.


Tuesday June 07, 2005

The 5th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling

 Some of the issues that we would like to see addressed in this workshop are:

  • Industry/academic experience reports describing success/failure in implementing and using domain-specific languages/tools 
  • Approaches to identify constructs for domain-specific languages
  • Tools for supporting domain-specific modeling
  • Approaches to implement metamodel-based modeling languages
  • Novel approaches for code generation from domain-specific models
  • Issues of support/maintenance for systems built with DSMs
  • Evolution of languages in accordance with domain
  • Metamodeling frameworks and languages
  • Specific domains where this technology can be most productive in the future (e.g. DSMs to describe aspects of embedded systems, product family, systems with multiple implementation platforms)
  • Separation of concerns and the application of new modularity technologies (e.g., aspect-oriented/subject-oriented) to domain-specific languages (see [1] for an example)

Important Dates

  •  Initial submission: August 1, 2005
  • Author Notification: (1 week prior to Early Registration deadline)
  • Final version: October 1, 2005
  • Workshop: October 17, 2005

Find more information at DMSForums

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