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Saturday February 04, 2006

Open Ajax Project Promotes Common Tools

IBM and more than a dozen companies has agreed to collaborate
on creating a standard framework which developers can use to develop
applications. This is a good move in the initial kick off stages of moz-userdefined="" w:st="on">moz-userdefined="" w:st="on">AJAX with different runtimes
available. Google, Yahoo, and BEA are major partners for development. There are
already several runtime available and we really don?t know which can perform
better way and suites application needs. Source Informationweek


Friday January 27, 2006

Javaposse: The java podcaster

It is been long time since I posted here. :-) Yes, I was busy with my travel to California, SFO and a very hectic travel HYD-SFO. Just now I logged on to Jroller, I can see changes in admin pages but still this doesn't work in Firefox. :-(.

I remember posting about Javacast but I don't remember if I have ever touched this javaposse- Java Police Force, yet another java podacaster I came across today. Pretty nice to hear the theme of the podcast. The guys are from three different companies and making this podcast more successful.


Friday January 06, 2006

[off beat] Best Exam Answer Ever

via [http://www.sellsbrothers.com/news/showTopic.aspx?ixTopic=1906]

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Tuesday January 03, 2006

Java API Design Guidelines

Artima has an article on API design guidelines for those who are writing APIs. It talks about 
1.  Design to evolve.
2.  Correctness, then simplicity, then efficiency.
3.  Interfaces are overvalued.
4.  Be careful with packages.
5.  Read Effective Java.
There is documentation available for Netbeans API design guidelines which are more useful for designing for a module. It contains small case study where in you can apply the said rules to design.


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Monday January 02, 2006

New features added to Servlet 2.5

Servlets 2.5 has maintenance release contains several important features included. The major would be JSE 5.0 as minimal platform requirement. This dependency makes you to shift towards Tiger. The major list includes

  • A new dependency on J2SE 5.0

  • Support for annotations

  • Several web.xml conveniences

  • A handful of removed restrictions

  • Some edge case clarifications

There are few others features in pending/ wish list phase which will be coming in upcoming releases.

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Sunday January 01, 2006

Java Firefox Extension

This is a Firefox extension that demonstrates how you can use Java inside a Firefox extension. Cool,  Isn' it? I will start playing with this sometime this week. If you are planning to write extensions start using right away.

via [Oreillynet]

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Friday December 30, 2005

Perils of teaching Java in Computer Science schools

Joel's news letter on "perils of teaching Java in Computer Science schools" gives wrong directions for me in this generation.
I am not worried about language taught at collage level. But the student should have a skill and he should be learning is "Problem Solving Techniques". For this we better follow a process by learning "Writing Algorithms" and "Data Structures" then jump into any programming language which student is good at and by choosing the language which makes his life easier for solving that problem. What makes sense learning C, C++, Java and C# without the skill required to solve a problem. 
I can choose a programming language based on the requirement I have. In the olden days I didn't have choice other than C and C++ so that they are taught in schools and previous to that student used to do teach and programs in assembly language now they have a choice to jump into modern languages.
I enjoyed coding C and C++ at school level, now I am doing Java.  I don't understand why all students should get "Segmentation Fault" to weed out at school level. If I have some business requirement as "Web application", I cannot simply hire a C or C++ guy who is damn good at pointers and recursion to get my job finished.
I accept that there should be some students who should be good at C and C++ whom he is referring as Stars. But all may not be Stars in this area and they succeed to their level with their interests.

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Thursday December 29, 2005

Predictions for 2006

Time for predictions, hopefully technology world does not change. Ruby on Rails cannot win hearts. :-) Okay Here is my list but I am more optimistic.  

  1. More adoptions for JSE 5.0 (Tiger) (Hopefully) and a smooth release and appreciation for JSE 6.0 (Mustang).  
  2. Struts might loose its ground and Spring, Hibernate co exits. ( Not applicable for existing / under maintenance Struts applications)
  3. Directions for EJB 3.0 and its reference implementation GlassFish
  4. Eclipse and NetBeans will have tug of war; Ultimately Eclipse wins J I cannot expect developers picking up Java Studio Creator even though it is free.
  5. Much Hyped AJAX raises further and AJAX based ?frameworks? keep coming.
  6. IBM Websphere leads from front for its both Application and Portal Server technologies
  7. Talk on SOA continues and building applications applying SOA centric grows.
  8. Blogs will go on increase and they will become the source of information
  9. Sun looses its charm and might Open source Java, ( 99% will not happen J )
  10. Oracle will be the leading database provider and SQL Server gives its fight. I expect MySQL numbers increases.

Not a great list?, You give your list / add / remove/ edit in comments section.

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Tuesday December 27, 2005

Knoppix - Live Linux CD based on Debian

I have been looking for a Linux machine for my brother to teach him basics. My colleague suggested me Knoppix Live Linux CD. I have visited the website and ordered one for me. (If you want you can download from website) It is really cool. The reason is you don?t require installing anything in your machine. All you need is boot the system with CD ?ROM drive, Linux automatically starts as if it is installed by detecting all hardware. The distribution used is Debain. I found this as major advantage for introducing Linux to beginners and for testers to test their applications. Applications including Firefox browser, Open Office and other editors like VIM, are also included. If you want to do any kind of experiments with Linux I suggest this. Read more at Wikipedia  

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Sunday December 25, 2005

The Java SE 6 (Mustang) Holiday Quiz

If you believe you are following Mustang features and functionality, take this holiday quiz. Please post your scores in the comments section :-)

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Saturday December 24, 2005

Learning Java or C# as a Next Language?

Slashdot has an interesting question running from one of the aspirant student. The question is which language to learn Java or C# as part of his course curriculum in Object Oriented Programming class? After reading couple of the comments the whole comments section got diverted to IDEs, then again comments came back with backing Java and C#.
I don?t prefer specific to Java or C# after all he is student and trying to learn Object Oriented principles. I know both are good at supporting the principles that we talk for OOP. Since the student is diehard fan of Linux, I might tend him preferring Java. I am not sure about Mono support on Linux environment.  Any one has already worked in this (Mono) environment leave your comments about your experience. Read more at Slashdot.
I wish you a very Happy Christmas

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Friday December 23, 2005

Quick Links

Java? It's So Nineties: Business week is running an article on Java loosing its ground. :-) Full story is here.
Ruby on Rails 1.0 Released:  Ruby on Rails, the much awaited announcement has come. Link to Home page

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Sunday December 11, 2005

JSE 5.0: java.lang.management API

I am browsing through the new features of JSE/J2SE 5.0. I got a chance to read Monitoring and Management API which is newly added package under java.lang. (java.lang.management). I thought I should play around with API with the provided. It gives a kind of flexibility to get information about JVM details, and Operating system details. There is a MangementFactory which has to be used to get the managed beans

For Example:

OperatingSystemMXBean osBean=ManagementFactory.getOperatingSystemMXBean();

ClassLoadingMXBean:      Class loading system of the Java virtual machine.
CompilationMXBean:         Compilation system of the Java virtual machine.
MemoryMXBean:               Memory system of the Java virtual machine.
ThreadMXBeanL               Threads system of the Java virtual machine.
RuntimeMXBean:               Runtime system of the Java virtual machine.
OperatingSystemMXBean:  Operating system on which the Java virtual machine is running.
GarbageCollectorMXBean:  Garbage collector in the Java virtual machine.
MemoryManagerMXBean:   Memory manager in the Java virtual machine.
MemoryPoolMXBean:         Memory pool in the Java virtual machine.

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Wednesday December 07, 2005

Basics of class loading and basic class loading exceptions

In the Java world it is common to face Class loading problems.  This is potentially because of the options we are provided to put jar files at different levels for example at System level, Application Server level, Shared level, application level. During runtime there is every possibility to not to find the class even though they are in one of the above said places because of the class loading hierarchies.

Developerworks is running a four-part series on all Class loading problems. In the fist part they talked about the basics of class loading, phases of class loading and IBM supported tools to check the classes loaded at runtime.

Next (Second part) is on what kind of class loading exceptions are expected at runtime and what are the causes, this is an intermediate level article but a good one to read. This covers several exceptions with examples of occurrence.








Here are the fist and second part links.

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Wednesday November 30, 2005

Print Classpath associated with SystemClassLoader

import ../../../page/srinivas/java.net.URL.css;
import ../../../page/srinivas/java.net.URL.cssClassLoader;
 * This program prints the classpath urls under the current System classloader.
public class PrintClasspath {
 public static void main(String[] args) {
  //Get the System Classloader
  ClassLoader sysClassLoader = ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader();
  //Get the URLs
  URL[] urls = ((URLClassLoader)sysClassLoader).getURLs();
  for(int i=0; i < urls.length; i++)

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