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20060331 Friday March 31, 2006

Doomsday predictions!?

Granted SOA is not exactly an example of precise definition. It is a classic case of 12 blind men feeling an elephant. Each has his/her own view of what SOA is. Now this doesnt spell doom for SOA.. as suggests this blog post- SOA Doomed?

SOA is more about the notion of services provided by very many applications on many different platforms. Ensuring the various applications are service "oriented" to facilitate "wiring" these into a common platform. It is about having a common servcies platform that simplifies exposing servceis and accessing them. SOA's utility comes from the ability to orchestrate the various services in the enterprise to provide the requisite cross-organization business processes. And in its next phase, SOA is also about a new way of developing buisiness applications- in a process oriented manner. Where the app is a bunch of biz processes, each calling the other. And at its leaf, accessing either data sources or low level services (available on other platforms).

Now.. whether we call it SOA or not, the need for all of above (other than the Process oriented dev) is very much existing in organizations today. No getting away from this.

Far from being doomed.. SOA is on teh anvil of further explosion. On one side enterprises are increasingly investing in SOA infrastructure. And on the other hand, SOA also presents alternate application dev paradigms. One accelerator could be that the increased emphasis on rich clients brought forth with the Web 2.0 hype, has rendered richer user processing on teh browsers, and potentially the ajax or other rich client apps directly accessing backend enterprise servcies. As opposed to the conventional model of going thru a facade (servlet) that would access a backend biz component such as an EJB.

Watch this space. And those in Hyderabad.. do attend the BarCamp on Web2.0 next Saturday. With many in the middleware space (J2EE vendor- Pramati, BPM/SOA pioneer- Cordys, ESB pioneer- Sonic (Progress), and many other product companies and solution vendors in attendance.. would make a very lively interactions and arguments. Including where AJAX & SOA meet!
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