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20051205 Monday December 05, 2005

How to upgrade from Acegi Security 0.9.0 to 1.0 RC1 Category: Spring Live

Acegi Security 1.0 RC1 was released last night (release notes). I spent a few minutes upgrading AppFuse to this latest version. For those interested, I filed an issue and attached a patch.

Unlike the 0.9.0 release (released 3 weeks ago), this release requires significant changes for existing Acegi users. Here's the major things I had to change:

  • Find/Replace "net.sf.acegisecurity" to "org.acegisecurity".
  • The UserDetails class has moved is now located in org.acegisecurity.userdetails.UserDetails.
  • The DaoAuthenticationProvider (usually named daoAuthenticationProvider in context files) changed its authenticationDao property name to userDetailsService. This change effects the TokenBasedRememberMeServices class as well.
  • The JdbcDaoImpl class has moved into the new "userdetails" package at org.acegisecurity.userdetails.jdbc.JdbcDaoImpl.

Hopefully this will help others upgrade their Acegi-lovin' applications. Now if we could just get them to mark all their dependencies as optional in their Maven 2 pom.xml ;-). (2005-12-05 10:18:09.0) Permalink Comments [1]

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Thanks Matt, these instructions have been very helpful!

Posted by Lars Fischer on December 08, 2005 at 07:01 AM EST
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