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20050516 Monday May 16, 2005

The new JRoller - looks great! Category: Author

I dig the new look of JRoller. When Matt showed me a preview last week, I thought they were just going to upgrade the front page - but they've upgraded the entire editor too. This looks much better than the the default Roller theme - well done guys! Now we just need to figure out a way to make it easy to skin Roller's Editor - so the JavaLobby guys can easily upgrade to the next release w/o needing to create a fork of Roller. Or maybe they've already figured out how to do this?

BTW, it looks like search even works! (2005-05-16 14:32:14.0) Permalink Comments [3]

20050513 Friday May 13, 2005

Spring Training in Norway Category: Author

A week from today, I'm heading to Norway to do some training on Spring. It's going to be a good trip and I have my work cut out for me. I'll be talking about Spring, Hibernate, AppFuse, Acegi Security as well as Ajax and Spring Web Flow. I'll also be presenting at the two JUGs in Norway:

  • Stavanger JUG, May 25th: Test-Driven Developing with Spring and Hibernate. I also plan on talking about Spring Web Flow for a good portion of this meeting.
  • Oslo JUG, May 26th: Advanced Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow and Acegi Security.

I'll try to post outlines for my presentations in the next week or so.

This post is a mirror of one on my other blog. Please leave any comments on the Raible Designs entry. (2005-05-13 13:02:52.0) Permalink

20050303 Thursday March 03, 2005

TSSS Tip o' the Day: Beer allowed in Sessions Category: Author

I arrived in Vegas at 8:00 this morning. I've been to Vegas many times, and it's rarely for conferences and mostly for having a good time. So at 9:00, when I registered, I asked the registration folks (a.k.a. conference organizers) what the policy is on bringing beer into the sessions. At first they said "it's a little early don't you think?" to which I replied, "but it's Vegas and I just got here!" They responded saying that we're free to do whatever we like (it's Vegas after all), but drinking in the morning was not a good idea. They also put an asterisk next to my name on the roster list. ;-)

This afternoon, I hope to kick back and enjoy a few beers during the sessions. Right now, it's time to go enjoy a long lunch somewhere. We have an hour for lunch, followed by a 40 minute presentation on Flex. I think I've already seen the one on Flex, so I'm going to skip that. I'll try to post a writeup later today on all the sessions I attended. (2005-03-03 15:48:17.0) Permalink Comments [1]

20050223 Wednesday February 23, 2005

Quote: Spring Live has all the right information on how to get started using Spring Category: Author

I received the following e-mail from a Spring Live reader today (who also happens to be the CIO of a company):

I just wanted to say thanks for Spring Live.  It has been a great resource
for me while I try to learn Spring (and Hibernate).  I'm just starting to
re-architect a commercial application to use Spring and Hibernate as EJB's
were causing us some large maintenance issues.
Spring Live has all the right information on how to get started using
Spring.  I especially appreciated the chapter on testing as this has been a
big problem for us.  You provided some great information and tips on
integrating tests into a spring enabled application.

Receiving messages like this always makes my day! (2005-02-23 17:34:01.0) Permalink Comments [5]

20041218 Saturday December 18, 2004

Fighting Roller Comment Spam Category: Author

My personal blog doesn't get much comment spam. When it does, I get an e-mail notification with a link to delete it right away. JRoller doesn't have an e-mail notification feature, so it's hard to tell when you've been attacked. Here's what I've done to fight it until Roller 1.0 is installed.

  • Create a "Recent Comments" page. This is pretty easy to do, just go to Website >> Page Templates and add a new page. Name it "Recent Comments", give it a link like "comments" and then fill it with the following:

    #set($numComments = 20)
    <h1>Last $numComments Comments</h1>

  • With a Recent Comments page, you can check periodically for new comments and you'll easily notice the spam. This makes it easier to navigate and delete the comments that are spam - and respond to ones you weren't notified about.

Usually when I notice an onslaught of comment spam, I turn off comments (under Website) and turn them back on a few days later. (2004-12-18 19:08:09.0) Permalink Comments [1]

20041205 Sunday December 05, 2004

[Article] An Intro to AOP with Spring, Part 2 Category: Author

Russell Miles has published another article on using Spring's AOP framework.

In part one of this series, you were shown how to implement the "HelloWorld"s of aspect orientation: tracing and logging. Using the Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) facilities provided by the Spring framework, you were shown how to use before-, after-, and exception-based advice, along with how to use simple regular-expression-based pointcuts. While tracing and logging provided some great examples to get you started, this article takes things a couple of steps further by looking at a new form of advice: around advice.

Another good article on Spring AOP was written a while back by Bram Bogaert. I liked Bram's article because I was able to use it right away. I like Russell's too - lots of pretty diagrams.

I think what we really need is a pragmatic article on AOP - something that makes us all refactor or code to use it. Then again, we've lived w/o AOP for so long - do we really need it? I'd like to see how AOP can be used to greatly simplify our existing Spring applications. Don't show us how to use it, show us what we should use it for. Real-world code would be greatly appreciated. (2004-12-05 02:16:23.0) Permalink

20041204 Saturday December 04, 2004

SourceBeat joins ObjectWeb, announces JOnAS Book Category: Author

Yeah baby. Both Geronimo and JOnAS titles should be available by the end of the year.

SourceBeat Publishing today announced its membership in ObjectWeb, an international consortium promoting the development of open-source infrastructure software and middleware.
"We are extremely pleased to be a part of the ObjectWeb consortium. With our publishing of JOnAS and other ObjectWeb projects in the future, SourceBeat hopes to further increase the traction and acceptance of the excellent work within ObjectWeb," said Matt Filios, CEO of SourceBeat.

"The ObjectWeb consortium is open to all companies that choose to support the development of enterprise-grade open-source infrastructure software in a collaborative and sustainable way. In that respect, we are delighted to welcome SourceBeat, whose contribution will be pivotal to complement our technical offering with high-quality, updated reference books as requested by corporate users and developers," said Francois Letellier, ObjectWeb's Director of Communications. [Read More]

Kinda funny to see my name mentioned in the "About SourceBeat" section. I'm in the midst of putting the final touches on Chapter 6, which looks like it'll be around 30 pages.

I have the week off for OSCON, so today is a "work on the book" day. Tomorrow morning, I fly out to Portland. My parent's live an hour south (in Salem), so it should be a fun week. Tomorrow night: SourceBeat BBQ at The Raibles! (2004-12-04 04:36:41.0) Permalink

20041201 Wednesday December 01, 2004

[JavaOne] The Keynote Category: Author

I'm sitting in the keynote at Java One. I expect that they're about to announce something good. Luckily, SourceBeat hooked me up with a "media" pass, so I got a good seat for this sucker. The VP of software is talking about Java Studio Creator. I heard from Craig McClanahan that they're going to announce Creator for the Mac today.

In our bags, apparently there's a trial version of Creator. JavaOne attendees can get Creator and the SDN subscription for $49.95. Here's something cool - create your own ringtone and send it to your phone. Now I just need to buy a new phone. (2004-12-01 18:47:27.0) Permalink

20041130 Tuesday November 30, 2004

J2EE - its time for KISS Category: Author

Bruce Tate describes his recent mountain biking trip and compares it to J2EE:

On mountain biking and J2EE by Bruce Tate -- My mountain bike trip down Hermosa Creek reminded me of the current state of J2EE.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to blog this because I live in Colorado (Denver) and I'm a huge mountain biking fan. Unfortunately, my bike has been sitting in the shed a lot lately, but I hope to revive it soon to start riding to work in the next couple of weeks.

Bruce makes an excellent point:

My premise is that you can make it easier to scale the hills by lightening your load. Most applications are simple, and we don't need to go through artificial steps to complicate them.

Spring and Hibernate are simply awesome compared to what bare-bones J2EE gives us. Not only will Spring Live show you a simpler, faster means of J2EE development, but so will Bruce's Better, Faster, Lighter Java and Rod and Juergen's J2EE without EJB. Using tools like Spring, Hibernate and Tomcat, I feel like I'm flying down the mountain, dodging rocks and catching some nice air. Yeeeaaaa haaawwwww!! (2004-11-30 11:45:42.0) Permalink

20041129 Monday November 29, 2004

[OSCON] Day 1 - The Booth Category: Author

Today was the first day we attended OSCON. I spent most of the day at the SourceBeat booth in the Exhibition Hall. It was busy as hell down there. O'Reilly does an excellent job of giving the exhibitors a lot of traffic. They give out these pamphlets which give you a free book if you get a stamp from all the vendors. Not only that, but they put all the afternoon snacks right by all the booths. I talked to a LOT of people and people seemed to really like the model. For those of you who don't know, what separates SourceBeat from other publishers is the books are updated monthly for 12 months after the book is released.

This conference has a lot of Perl and PHP folks, so I saw a lot of blank stares when I mentioned the Java Topics we currently offer. Oh well, hopefully we can get more titles like PHP, Perl and Python in the future.

This afternoon, I slipped away from the booth and attended Bill Burke's talk on AOP. It was a good talk and I'd love to get my hands on his slides. I especially likes his definitions of AOP terms, which seems to be similar to this article. Right now, Bruce, James and I are sitting in a Groovy talk by James Strachan and Rod Cope. Unfortunately, I've been mucking with AppFuse and writing this blog, so I've missed a lot of it. I think Groovy is one of those things that I need to start writing if I ever want to really know it. Even if I paid attention, I probably wouldn't remember how to write a Groovy class next week.

I've heard there's lots of Groovy books in the works - everyone wants to be first. It sure would be cool if SourceBeat had a Groovy book. Because it's likely to change rapidly over the next year - it's the perfect project for a little SourceBeat lovin'. (2004-11-29 14:46:59.0) Permalink

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