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20061128 Tuesday November 28, 2006

Cool features in Spring 2.0: The "p" namespace and JavaConfig Category: Spring Live

Rod Johnson has blogged twice on the Interface21 Team Blog in the last week. With the interesting blogs he's been posting, it's a wonder he doesn't write more. Click on the links below to learn about some cool features in Spring 2.0:

  • XML Syntax Sugar in Spring 2.0
  • A Java configuration option for Spring

Craig Walls also has some comments on the "p" namespace and the Java configuration option. I don't know how I feel about the "p" namespace, but I'll be asking AppFuse users what they think over the next week. In addition, I'll be watching the Java configuration project closely - this might be a good way to eliminate Spring's XML in AppFuse 2.2. You might notice on the AppFuse Roadmap that we hope to eliminate the need to write XML in this release (in favor of Convention over Configuration).

As far as blogging The Spring Experience next week, I'll do it if the sessions/speakers inspire me to do so. ;-) (2006-11-28 16:44:57.0) Permalink Comments [1]

20061116 Thursday November 16, 2006

How do you get open source frameworks past the red tape? Category: Spring Live

From an e-mail I received earlier this month, with a subject of "Acceptance red tape":

After requesting permission to use the Spring Framework for the business logic and data access layers of an application, how do you fight something like this? Spring is not an approved Framework for the ********** environment. We understand the benefits of the framework. However, we have not certified it in our environment. Additionally, we have concerns that this framework will not gain long standing traction among the J2EE community. We would like to reduce the number of frameworks used in our environment, and do not want to be left with "legacy" frameworks that have little acceptance or support as is the case with the pico container.

Read more on (2006-11-16 10:13:04.0) Permalink

20061103 Friday November 03, 2006

Spring Live Status Category: Spring Live

I updated Chapters 8 - 13 + Appendix A in July and it's been in tech and copy edit ever since. Currently, we're editing Chapters 12 and 13, so we're close to a release - hopefully sometime in December. Unfortunately, since I updated it in July, these updates don't cover Spring 2.0. Maintaining a book for 2.5 years certainly isn't easy. (2006-11-03 20:41:30.0) Permalink Comments [5]

20061026 Thursday October 26, 2006

Spring Web Flow 1.0 Released Category: Spring Live

Coverage is on the Spring Web Flow site and on Craig's blog.

Download | Documentation | Changelog | Upgrade Guide (PDF)

Ten sample applications ship with the release, each demonstrating a distinct set of features. The samples are:
  1. Phonebook - the original sample demonstrating most features (including subflows)
  2. Sellitem - demonstrates a wizard with conditional transitions, flow execution redirects, custom text field formatting, and continuations
  3. Flowlauncher - demonstrates all the possible ways to launch and resume flows
  4. Itemlist - demonstrates REST-style URLs and inline flows
  5. Shippingrate - demonstrates Spring Web Flow together with Ajax technology
  6. NumberGuess - demonstrates stateful beans, evaluate actions, and "single key" flow execution redirects.
  7. Birthdate - demonstrates Struts integration
  8. Fileupload - demonstrates multipart file upload, set actions, and flash scope
  9. Phonebook-Portlet - the phonebook sample in a Portlet environment (notice how the flow definitions do not change)
  10. Sellitem-JSF - the sellitem sample in a JSF environment

Congratulations to everyone involved in this release - especially the new parents! We'll be celebrating this release at the Spring BOF in Keystone tonight. Follow that with an Eclipse birthday party and it should be a good night. For fellow conference attendees, I've managed to secure beer for the BOF. ;-) (2006-10-26 17:32:29.0) Permalink Comments [1]

20061006 Friday October 06, 2006

Spring Web Flow 1.0 RC4 and Acegi Security 1.0.2 Category: Spring Live

Spring Web Flow 1.0 RC4 was released today. I talked with Keith Donald and he pointed out a nifty new feature:

Note the new flash scope (which is like the Rails concept but a little more as attributes in flash stay in scope past the redirect and *any subsequent view refreshes* *until* the next user event is signaled (e.g. "submit")... [ideal for success messages and validation errors]

Other cool features include default POST+REDIRECT+GET behavior with no special coding and simplified XML configuration thanks to Spring 2.0 and its XSD support. I'm working on a project with JSF right now, and SWF might a nice solution for simplifying some page flows. Spring Web Flow 1.0 Final is currently scheduled to be released next week. In my "example programming" with SWF, I haven't seen any issues, but AppFuse Developer Sanjiv warns that SWF doesn't support long lived Hibernate sessions.

In other news, Acegi Security 1.0.2 was released yesterday. If you're using the LogoutFilter from 1.0+, you should checkout SEC-340. Basically, the functionality of the default logout handler has changed so the session is now invalidated.

Finally, I'll close this post with a good Acegi tip. Rather than having several filter-mappings in web.xml for your Acegi filter, you can prevent certain URLs from being filtered in your Acegi context file. Just use something like /images/*=#NONE# in your filterInvocationDefinitionSource property. Read more about this feature on the Acegi developers mailing list. (2006-10-06 01:03:09.0) Permalink Comments [1]

20061003 Tuesday October 03, 2006

Spring 2.0 Released Category: Spring Live

From the Spring mailing lists:

Dear Spring community,

I'm pleased to announce that, after 5 milestone releases and 4 release candidates over the course of 9 months, Spring 2.0 has gone final today.

Note that the website is currently down because of too much load. We would appreciate if you look at it a bit later :-)

Here are the direct download links at SourceForge.

Thanks to everybody for the invaluable feedback that went into this release! Spring wouldn't be where it is today without your contributions.

FYI, we plan to do a 1.2.9 maintenance release in mid October. Furthermore, Spring 2.0.x maintenance releases are scheduled in a rhythm of 4 to 6 weeks.



Modified for HTML-friendliness.

If you're looking for code-samples for Spring 2.0, there's a lot of presentations available from Spring Forward 2006. Of course, there's also Thomas and I's Spring 2.0 Kickstart project. I hope to upgrade AppFuse and Equinox to use Spring 2.0 in the next week or so. (2006-10-03 12:08:37.0) Permalink Comments [5]

20060926 Tuesday September 26, 2006

Spring Forward 2006 - The Keynote Category: Author

After a 1 and a 1/2 hour cab ride, I arrived at Spring Foward 2006 just in time for the opening keynote. It looks like I'll be doing a 2nd talk this afternoon as Clark Richey was unable to make the show. I was given a choice of talks, and I chose "Comparing Web Frameworks" because that's a fun talk to do.

Continue reading on » (2006-09-26 10:17:49.0) Permalink

20060915 Friday September 15, 2006

Spring is moving to Maven 2 Category: Spring Live

Interesting news - it looks like Spring is moving to Maven 2 in the near future. This is good news for all Maven users as this move will likely result cleaner POMs in Maven's repo. Since Spring touches so many projects, they won't have a choice if they want to make Maven useable.

The good thing is the central repo has become much better in the last 6 months, so hopefully their transition won't be too bad. When I first integrated Maven 2 in Equinox, I ended up filing over 40 bugs for invalid POMs. When I integrated it into AppFuse, there were hardly any. Thanks to the Maven developers (and users) for their excellent repo cleanup work. (2006-09-15 15:41:17.0) Permalink Comments [0]

20060911 Monday September 11, 2006

Semi-major change in Spring 2.0 RC4 Category: Spring Live

Just an FYI... it looks like there's a semi-major change in the next (2.0 RC4) release. Instead of using:

You'll need to use:

...for all of your XSD schema references. Of course, this is easy to update in code, but difficult to update in documentation and course materials (when you've already printed them). Looks like the Spring course and labs I'll be delivering this week will be out of date before they're even used!

Oh well, hopefully no one is writing a Spring 2.0 book that's at the printers right now. ;-) (2006-09-11 22:33:19.0) Permalink Comments [1]

20060905 Tuesday September 05, 2006

Migrating to Spring 2.0 Category: Spring Live

Last week, I started migrating some applications from Spring 1.2.8 to Spring 2.0. So far, all I've done is change DTDs to XSDs, but this week I hope to start using the new AOP syntax, as well as migrating to the new form tags in Spring MVC. If you've run into any "gotchas" with anything in Spring 2.0, I'd love to hear about it. The only major issue I've encountered so far is migrating from txProxyTemplate to <aop:config>.

According to InfoQ, Spring 2.0 will be released towards the end of this month. To see a good summary of what's new in Spring 2.0, I'd recommend reading Chapter 2 in the reference documentation.

Upcoming Events: I'll be in Milwaukee, WI teaching a Spring class next week. If anyone is interested in a tech meetup, let me know. If you live near Philadelphia, I'll be giving a free talk on Spring MVC 2.0 at Spring Forward 2006 towards the end of the month. Following that, I'll at the Colorado Software Summit in October, NoFluff in November and The Spring Experience in December.

BTW, did you notice the new SourceBeat site? (2006-09-05 20:29:01.0) Permalink Comments [3]

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