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20041201 Wednesday December 01, 2004

JSF-Spring Integration is easy Category: Spring Live

I've been using the JSF-Spring integration package today for developing the MyUsers application with JSF. I found this to be a very clean library and it worked as expected. For example, I have a managed-bean that is used to back the userList.jsp page. In faces-config.xml, I used the following to get the UserManager set on my UserList class:


I didn't have to change applicationContext.xml at all - it just worked! I even got the display tag working with JSF. I couldn't get an <h:commandLink> working inside it though. BTW - where JSF developers get good JSF support from? (2004-12-01 18:49:01.0) Permalink Comments [6]

Dropping XMLC from Chapter 6 Category: Spring Live

The decription for Chapter 6 in the TOC (PDF) says that XMLC is a view option for Spring. I originally put this in there because I'd read about XMLC in Rod's J2EE Design and Development book. In that book, there is an example and a reference to an AbstractXmlcView class. That class is missing from the initial drop of Spring on SourceForge (and still doesn't exist), so one can only assume that XMLC is no longer supported. Oh well, less for me to write and less for you to learn.

Last night I was up until 4 finishing the code in the sample app for Chapter 6. I created rudimentary reports of the user list screen in XML, PDF and Excel. It was actually quite easy to do. Here's a demo - look for the "Export Options" links at the top right of the list. Now I just need to document how I did it all and that'll finish up Chapter 6. Hopefully I can get a few hours in tomorrow, and finish up on Monday to send to tech edit.

On Tuesday, I leave for OSCON with the rest of the SourceBeat crew. You goin'? I went to high school for 2 years in Salem (40 miles south of Portland) so it'll be fun to see some old friends while I'm in town. (2004-12-01 18:48:37.0) Permalink Comments [1]

[JavaOne] The Keynote Category: Author

I'm sitting in the keynote at Java One. I expect that they're about to announce something good. Luckily, SourceBeat hooked me up with a "media" pass, so I got a good seat for this sucker. The VP of software is talking about Java Studio Creator. I heard from Craig McClanahan that they're going to announce Creator for the Mac today.

In our bags, apparently there's a trial version of Creator. JavaOne attendees can get Creator and the SDN subscription for $49.95. Here's something cool - create your own ringtone and send it to your phone. Now I just need to buy a new phone. (2004-12-01 18:47:27.0) Permalink

SourceBeat books I'd like to see Category: SourceBeat

I've been thinking about the open source projects I'd like to know more about. I think all of the following projects could use a "Live" book to keep users up-to-date on new releases and such.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Tapestry
  • MyFaces
  • WebWork

What do you think? Are there open source projects that could use a SourceBeat book? (2004-12-01 15:49:20.0) Permalink Comments [11]

RE: Dependency Injection for Unit Tests Category: Spring Live

This is pretty cool. Ara shows how to write an initDependencies() method that resolves all the necessary dependencies of a unit test. It basically reduces the lines of code in your unit test and eliminates the need for ctx.getBean("beanId"). Good stuff - I might have to mention this in the chapter on unit testing. Any other tips and tricks out there? I'd be happy to include them. (2004-12-01 00:21:35.0) Permalink Comments [2]

20041130 Tuesday November 30, 2004

J2EE - its time for KISS Category: Author

Bruce Tate describes his recent mountain biking trip and compares it to J2EE:

On mountain biking and J2EE by Bruce Tate -- My mountain bike trip down Hermosa Creek reminded me of the current state of J2EE.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to blog this because I live in Colorado (Denver) and I'm a huge mountain biking fan. Unfortunately, my bike has been sitting in the shed a lot lately, but I hope to revive it soon to start riding to work in the next couple of weeks.

Bruce makes an excellent point:

My premise is that you can make it easier to scale the hills by lightening your load. Most applications are simple, and we don't need to go through artificial steps to complicate them.

Spring and Hibernate are simply awesome compared to what bare-bones J2EE gives us. Not only will Spring Live show you a simpler, faster means of J2EE development, but so will Bruce's Better, Faster, Lighter Java and Rod and Juergen's J2EE without EJB. Using tools like Spring, Hibernate and Tomcat, I feel like I'm flying down the mountain, dodging rocks and catching some nice air. Yeeeaaaa haaawwwww!! (2004-11-30 11:45:42.0) Permalink

Spring adds support for OJB Category: Spring Live

If you're an OJB user and you want to make your development life easier, it's time to take a look at Spring. Juergen recently added support for OJB to Spring's CVS. Spring is very easy to build from CVS, so it shouldn't be a problem to get this stuff. Here's a small extract from Juergen's message:

On the occasion of the recent TSS thread on OJB 1.0 final, I've decided to give OJB PersistenceBroker integration a go. I've already committed the initial bunch a couple of hours ago, providing PersistenceBrokerTemplate, PersistenceBrokerTransactionManager, etc.

This initial stuff took just about 4 hours, including getting OJB to work with a simple example! I was pleasantly surprised by how easy OJB is to set up.

I'm planning on covering Hibernate, JDBC, iBATIS and JDO (JPOX) in Chapter 7 of Spring Live. Hopefully I can add a chapter on Spring with Cayenne and OJB at a later date.

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't describe all the choices to a reader - since they might get overwhelmed with all the choices. However, if I learn (and document) all the options - hopefully I can give an objective opinion on appropriate uses of each. (2004-11-30 11:45:24.0) Permalink Comments [11]

The morning thing isn't working Category: Writing

Last weekend, my plan of attack for Chapter 8 was to get up early each morning and work on it. That worked great on Monday, but I blew it on Monday night when I stayed up until 3 fixing bugs in Chapter 7's code. I had a doctor's appointment Tuesday morning that I couldn't eat before, so I slept in until 10 and missed out on writing. I put in a couple hours last night, but ended up getting distracted for an hour setting up JIRA. I cut out at midnight in hopes of getting up early today.

Then the "Midnight Munchkin" decided to throw a wrench into things. Not only did she get up shortly after I went to bed, but she wasn't tired at all. She jumped and bounced all over us for a good two hours before she finally calmed down and went back to sleep. So I slept in until 8, and ditched writing this morning too. Getting in the writing mode seems to be the hard part, not writing itself. Mornings are great for writing, but I can't seem to find one to do it in. So I'm going back to nights, where there are no deadlines and no crazy kids. ;-)

Tonight will be a late one. I'm installing JIRA and Confluence on, which will hopefully go smoothly. After that, I probably have two hours on using mocks in the service layer, and then 2-3 hours on testing controllers. I'll leave testing views for tomorrow, which was my original plan anyway. If I can pull it off, I'll be caught up to my timeline for this week and Chapter 8. (2004-11-30 11:44:56.0) Permalink Comments [1]

My keys to writing productivity: Exercise and Isolation Category: Writing

I think I might've figured out a solution to make myself a more productive author. My main problem with writing is that I tend to take a break every hour or two. If I'm near an Internet connection, my Internet Addiction takes over and the next thing I know - a couple of hours have gone by. This is very bad for productivity. Being close to a connection on my PowerBook or PC is disastrous as well because of the flood of e-mails that I can't help responding too.

This week, I (once again) have the whole week off to write. However, I'm doing things different this time. I was supposed to start a new contract this week, and was hoping to start riding my bike to work. Even though I'll only be going into the office a couple of days a week, riding those 2-3 days is better than nothing. However, last week at the Boulder JUG after-hours meeting, Kris told me to get off my lazy ass and start riding on my "work from home" days. I try to do this, but I often fail because I get so caught up in coding.

Not only do I like riding for exercise, but I find that it really helps my confidence level. Having your confidence up when you're trying to be an expert on a topic is a definite performance-booster. Over the weekend, I was trying to think of ways to (1) get away from the Internet and (2) get some exercise. My solution? I'm riding my bike to a different library in Denver each day this week.

Yesterday, I rode for an hour out to a Library in Lakewood and it worked like a charm - I completed a whole chapter start to finish in one day. Today, I'm downtown at the main Denver Library. It's only a 1/2 hour from my house, but it's equally as effective. So far, I've gotten 7 pages complete and I hope to finish another chapter in the next two hours. I'm in a library so I have the opportunity to somewhat satisfy my Internet Addiction, but I can't connect on my laptop - so I can't really get into it. Boy is it nice to be riding to work again. ;0) (2004-11-30 11:44:31.0) Permalink Comments [5]

Colin's Blog Category: Spring Live

Spring Developer Colin Sampaleanu has started a weblog and already has a nice tip for cleaner transaction definitions. Good Stuff - this is definitely a blog to watch. The only other Spring Developer blog I know of is Keith Donald's. Hopefully more Spring Developers will start blogs in the coming months.

Another blog with lots of Spring-related goodness is Dion Almaer's. He's not only shows us how to use Groovy with Spring - he's also the tech editor for Spring Live. (2004-11-30 11:44:06.0) Permalink Comments [2]

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