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Yippe! Eclipse Key bindings back to normal

A few days back, I had a problem with my eclipse key bindings. The cause for this issue was something I had least expected.

I had enabled "Help Me With Multi-Stroke Keyboard Shortcuts" in the Windows >  Preferences >  Workbench >  Keys >  Advanced tab(I use Eclipse 3.0). There is an additional field called Delay, to be specified in milliseconds.Since there was no indication as to what should be the default value, I specified a delay of 1000ms and Whoa! the default key bindings stopped working.

Then, today, I was playing around with the key bindings and I happened to change this timing, just by chance,unaware of the repurcusions. From then on, my key bindings started working. I have been trying to find the reason for this, haven't figured out as yet, but will post about it as soon as I do.

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