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Upgrading from Eclipse 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 & WTP

After using Eclipse 3.0 for a long time, I decided to switch to version 3.1. I had downloaded and installed 3.1.1 quite some time back, but hadnt used it since I didnt want to move out familiar 3.0 terrain. But the temptation to try the new version got the...
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My first post using Qumana.

This is my first post using Qumana - a desktop blog  publishing tool. Ever since I started blogging, I had been using the JRoller's web interface to post entries.  But I was forced to look for alternatives after I faced  problems when posting from the Web Interface

Qumana takes simplicity in blogging a level higher. It provides the familiar JRoller interface so there is nothing new to learn before u can start posting. An easy three step configuration is all that is required to getting Qumana rolling.

Step 1: Enter the full URL of ur blog (Eg:

Step 2: Select the type of the Blog from the drop down list : In case of JRoller choose : MetaWebBlog API.

            Also provide the (XML-RPC) End Point information : ( more info on this is available here.)

Step 3: Provide the Username and Password needed to access your blog.

Thats it!

Other notable features in Qumana:

  1. Manage multiple blogs across different blogging platforms
  2. View and Edit older posts
  3. Inserting Ads
  4. Inserting Tags
  5. Manage Trackbacks.
  6. Save the post as an HTML ( I prefer this to the Preview feature available in JRoller's Web Interface)
  7. There is an editor to manage images. An additonal feature is uploading images to your blog's file upload area from Qumana and use the image in the post (Superb!)

Yet to figure out:

  1. How to change the text properties


I used the Upload and Insert images feature, to upload the image in this post. The images gets properly uploaded to the File Uploads area in my blog, But the image location url in the post was incorrect.So I had explicitly modifiy the url after the image had been uploaded.

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Error on JRoller

The main intention of writing this post was to share an error that I encountered today, but as luck would have had it, I had problems before posting this post too. Each time I tried to preview the post, the content after the image would repeat!So I am...
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GMail Success - Access Points

After I completed writing the blog about the GMail Notifier I tried today, I could find more and more reasons why Google and GMail are all over the webscape today. Most of Google?s tools and services require GMail Id before they can be used. Fair...
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Firefox Extensions

I installed 2 new Firefox extensions today- GMail Notifier   and AdBlock . Configuring AdBlock is simple. There are various options to Whitelist a page/site,configure blockable items based on wild cards. Considering that it is listed...
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Yippe! Eclipse Key bindings back to normal

A few days back, I had a problem with my eclipse key bindings . The cause for this issue was something I had least expected. I had enabled "Help Me With Multi-Stroke Keyboard Shortcuts" in the Windows >  Preferences >  Workbench > ...
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On the other side

I didn't know about  this    - Whom should I ask?
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There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His Father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence. The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few...
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Cross Table Delete with MySQL

I encountered an use case where I had to use Joins in a delete query for the first time. I had an issue with the correct syntax, this link proved to be helpful. Caveat : Using a join to delete records in MySQL is only possible with version...
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Eclipse Key bindings

I use eclipse keyboard shortcuts extensively, especially Ctrl+Shift+R ,to locate resources across multiple projects. Yesterday, I happen to remove some unwanted plugins from the eclipse/plugins folder. I was careful enough not to remove any plugins that I...
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Here I am, making a sincere attempt to reclaim my blog. When I created this blog, I was clueless about what I would write about.This lack of focus led to near death of this blog. But this timearound, I intend to be a lot more focused about the content. ...
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