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20060125 Wednesday January 25, 2006

This blog is closed for business

As I'm sick and tired of the unrestricted access of spammers, I've moved to geeks with blogs. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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20060103 Tuesday January 03, 2006

Drunk and Retired II

I revoke what I have said on the previous post. These guys should study more (taking advantage of the retireness)

There are three episodes on 'why Ruby on Rails is not enterprise ready' and while I agree that it's definitely not enterprise ready -- and by that I mean that it's not ready to integrated with other application, lack of support to different transactional resources (transactions that goes further than database) and RoR's AR is quite simplistic -- the argument that it should keep one instance per database row is plain stupid. It's the way Entity Beans work and leads to several deadlocks (unless you model your transactions up-front which is rarely done). C'mon, the guys arguments are exactly what I expect from Java developers that can't see much further than that.

On the other episode, supposely about state machines, there's a clear lack of theory in their brains. At least they dont seem able to distinguish a parser from a lexical analyser, and they should before trying to talk about state machines and giving compiler parsers as example (!).

Or maybe I'm being shallow and pedantic.

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Drunk and Retired

If you want to laugh and yet say 'that makes sense' then check http://drunkandretired.com/podcast

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20060102 Monday January 02, 2006

Castle: New release, new web site, new documents, same old bugs

The Castle team is proud to announce the Jan' First release. This one is the most stable release we ever done, being the result of months eating our own dog food.

Visual Studio integration (for 2003 and 2005)

You can now use wizards to create MonoRail and ActiveRecord projects. The integration idea is to make Castle more accessible and simpler to MS world developers.


  • Added FindAllByProperty, FindFirst and FindOne
  • Added support for composite keys
  • Introduced DifferentDatabaseScope

Click here for the complete ActiveRecord release notes


  • Wizard support
  • Better improved scaffolding support
  • DataBind/ARDataBind/ARFetch
  • Extensions
  • Dynamic Actions

Click here for the complete MonoRail release notes


  • Better error messages
  • Support for includes, properties and conditionals on the configuration


Thanks for the valuable contribution from committers and non-commmiters. Thanks indeed!

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20051212 Monday December 12, 2005

DC is cool

I accepted the suggestion from the people at work and decided to visit Washington DC last weekend. Quite an easy task. Took a cab, went to Shady Grove station, froze my nose for 20 minutes, took the train. After about 14 stations it was Metro Center. I couldnt help noticing that the underground stations are quite dark, perfect scenario for a Silent Hill game. Well, as a matter of fact they have used that in SH 4 - the room. Anyway, went to the Blue Line and took the train 'til Farragut West station which happened to be a stupid decision, but I didnt know atm...

Outside the station I was completely clueless, just wanted to visit Lincoln Memorial but there was no indications on how to get there. Finding a cab on a saturday morning wasnt easy too, but after a several minutes I could find one. Interesting comment from the cab driver "oh man, brazilian women are pretty pretty pretty". Who am I to disagree?

Five minutes later and 10 box less I was in the Lincoln Memorial. Took my camera off the coat, pointed to the it and the battery light blinked saying "goodbye". Damn! Anyway, what a view! US capital is really a beautiful place. I wish I could enjoy the view a little more but in three minutes I was asked a bunch of times to take pictures from lots of people (including two nice blondies that would make lots of brazilian women envy)

Decided to chase the holy batteries, but again totally clueless. Picked up a random street and start walking, IIRC it was the 27th street. Pharmacists institute, State department, George Washington University and half mile later a metro station. Nearby some street shops that happened to have batteries. Can you believe it? I couldnt!

Armed with my recharged camera went down the street again, all the way to the memorial. The wall with the names of Vietnam soldiers makes you think... Finally I took all the pictures I could and walked the 27th street again to the metro station (Foggy Bottom station - what kind of name is that? I wonder if there's a equivalent Cloudy Buttocks underground station in UK)

Back in Shady Grove took a cab to Rio Mall, have some cool lunch and went to Barnes & Nobles. Could find several titles from Noam Chomski that are hard to find in Brazil. I'm currently reading 9-11, the man has a really interesting perception on things. From the bookstore decided to walk to the hotel, man that was not a wise decision, but I'm alive. Fortunatelly every decision about making a left or a right turned out to be the right one (for an unexplainable reason). Otherwise I would have appeared on the news: frozen brazilian man found on a side walk surrounded by noam chomski's books :-D

Btw I've published the pictures on flickr, cheers!

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20051208 Thursday December 08, 2005

Some pictures

That's the my temporary desktop set up in the hotel. Yes, it is Seinfeld on the television.

And fortunatelly the snow is finally melting. Although it's gonna snow more tonight, so they say.

As you can see I'm buying and reading some rubbish :-D

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20051207 Wednesday December 07, 2005

Getting older

Just turn 26 today. Bunch of crap e-mails from companies - as if I didnt know they have a impersonal system service just to send all that spam. No gifts, by the way. Well, one of the damn companies sent a few coupons.

Anyway, time for reflection. Accomplishes: hmm., improved my english, even if you don't believe me, it used to be worse. Joined university, which from my standpoint is not adding much, but I need to finish it before I get even older.

Meaningfull accomplishes: none
Hope things get better from now on, though.

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in a quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say
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20051206 Tuesday December 06, 2005

And now for something completely different: a new Castle release

...and I need to learn to keep track of the changes from version to version. But anyway, this release is not about super new cool features, instead it's just maturation of the existing ones. Grab your copy.

What's in our short term plans:

for ActiveRecord

  • Composite keys support: currently we force people to use surrogate keys and this is not nice
  • More validators

for MonoRail

  • Caching support
  • Exception/Error Pipeline (categorize exceptions, e-mailing and logging them, etc)
  • ExceptionRescue: associate an exception with a specific rescue
  • Scaffolding with Ajax
  • Pagination support

for MicroKernel

  • ComponentBurden: this is something I've postponed for too long
  • More documents, tutorials

Something that puzzles me is how people are so interested in MonoRail, ActiveRecord or Aspect# but just "don't get" inversion of control, how the MicroKernel works and how its extensibility points could help them. I'd bet that if the same solution were availble for Java, more people would have seen its value :-D

If you are one of those I'm refering to, have you seen this article? If you still not conviced, can you share your fears, questions, doubts?

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20051202 Friday December 02, 2005

Off to the US - part III

This time I'm gonna stay two weeks. If you're in Washington, DC area, drop me a line and we might catch up next weekend, if you dont, then probably I will be able to release the next version of castle package as I'll be grounded in a hotel room ;-)

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20051129 Tuesday November 29, 2005

Interesting conversation on a forum

Just bumped into this, and it's not one of my multiples personalities, promise

has anybody tried this? it's an alternative web framework to ASP.NET. it's sort of like Ruby on Rails which is the rave of many Java/Ruby developers around the world...

looking at the documentation it seems ridiculously easy :)
one thing though (they recommend against using Web Forms because (according to them) it is not a controller-aware approach to web development). they actually recommend using the NVelocity templating engine (adapted from the popular Velocity engine for Java) or using the "Brail" Boo-based templating system (Boo is an open source .NET language that's based on Python).
interesting stuff, eh :) looks like i might decide to dump asp.net for .NET web development :P

hey 'dre ... not to start on anything but i am curious ... are you using all these open source techs that you encounter in current projects? there seems to be too many OSS stuff that you know about and i havent even known some of them and mostly, those that i know are just things that i read on the web or through your posts. Iba na talaga ang magaleng! :) i feel inferior everytime i see you post on somethign else new in the OSS world.

haven't used it yet...but it looks interesting, i definitely will look at it.
i think that one thing that makes .NET devs different from Java devs is that most .NET devs rely only on things that are made or endorsed by Microsoft while most Java devs are "breaking away" from Sun's stuff like EJB and embracing simpler, more agile frameworks. it's time we .NET devs open our minds to what's out there, especially if it's LGPL or BSD licensed since we can freely use them even on closed-source systems... NUnit is cool and i use it regularly. the MonoRail/NHibernate/NVelocity thing is next on my list of stuff to learn and so is Castle.Windsor (which seems to be much simpler than the ported-from-Java Spring.NET) :)

Cool or what?!

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20051126 Saturday November 26, 2005

Book recommendation: Ajax in action

Wow, it's been a hell of week. But I really dont want to talk about it. Accordingly to the book The seven sins of the memory if you want to forget something you shouldn't talk about it.

Anyway, the first book on my wish list arrived this week: Ajax in action. I must tell you that I usually dont give much credit for books being released about the hype of the month, trying to ride the tide, but so far this book has been terrific.

First, the concept of transient and sovereign applications struck those "why I havent thought about this before?" moments.

One thing, though, that caused certain impact was when he mentioned: "hey, now your application is on the browser, so carry all your paradigms and beliefs and discipline to the javascript code too". I confess I never paid much attention to any "scripting" language, and javascript developers on the companies I worked for were, well, ok, we made fun of them. (I know he's reading this, so I apologize ;-) )

But it's never too late, right?

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20051119 Saturday November 19, 2005

Google talk

Kinda cool. Download a copy at http://www.google.com/talk

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Two major mistakes

I knew it was something I shouldnt have done. But I did anyway, now I regret. So much. But it's sronger than me. I try and I try to fight against it, but once you're there, there's no way out. And now my life is wasted, it's worthless...

If you can't read between lines I say it loud and clear: I bought a xbox. That was my first mistake. Then after landing in Brazil I bought Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, second mistake. Since last friday night I couldn't take my eyes from the TV...

Well, now I need to complete the big apple mission. Wish me luck.

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Planning and building a MSI file (or a day in hell)

Lots of people have been asking for a MSI (standard) distribution of Castle, and I completely agree with them. As a lazy average person I happen to download more MSI files from sourceforge than any other format, so fair enough, let's play the game.

After bringing the subject to Castle PMC, Craig mentioned that nantcontrib has a msi task. Had a cursory look and it looked good. Last night then I decided to create the first setup script. The docs for the tasks are quite good. My advice however is that you download the Installer SDK from MS web site and read the chm doc to get at least a gist of how it works.

Created a nice script in 20 minutes, but executing it was another story. Seems that the msi nant task documentation is outdated and the schema that validates it is flawed. I just couldn't use the nodes that the xsd inherited. When I downloaded the code from NantContrib CVS urging to find the bug and fix it I realised it went too far. Gave up.

Next attempt: using the Orca with Nant msi template. If you can't have enough aggravation in your life I strongly advise you to try this. The Orca is a msi "editor" that comes with Installer SDK. The damn thing seems that was created by a trainee who was late for his lunch (which also happened to be its deadline). I compare using Orca for something serious as collecting stamps in a wind tunnel. Gave up.

When I was about to download Installshield I googled for alternatives. Ant has an external project called antinstaller that seems to do what I wanted, but the documentation was kinda dodgy. I bumped into WiX later and read the tutorial. Aside from the standard UI that it generates, I like the tool. You can always create your own UI anyway...

So in a few hours I had a standard setup done with a hierarchy of items to be selected:

Castle Project
  Source Code

But now I'm facing the shared assemblies problem. Yes, as one of the MSI's rules of thumb is: "a file cannot be shared among components" which leads me to a problem (at least while my creativity doesnt come up with a decent solution). For example: the Ioc package has a Castle.Model.dll, but ActiveRecord also requires this. What if the user wants to install ActiveRecord but not IoC package? The same is true for the dependency on NHibernate. Both ActiveRecord and NHibernate Facility use them.

I have some ideas to solve it, but in the meantime I'm going to watch that Constantine movie again, this time til the end. Awful, awful! But it features Rachel Weisz!

Btw this is a good selection of resources for those interested in MSI.

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Another interesting Open source side effect

A Castle user appeared on the user list asking for a kinda complex sample on using ActiveRecord and MonoRail to achieve some specific functionality. He also offered a small "bounty", which is a word completely unknown to me, btw.

Anyway, if there's something I can't accept is when people get stucked using my pieces of code. I experimented the feeling of embracing things and bump into bugs that werent easy to find, or simply didnt have enough knowledge to get round it, or at least in a nice neat way. It's the kind of moment that you curse all the open source movement and buy a XP Professional box... Yes, then you bump into another problem and curse Microsoft and the thing goes on and on. :-)

But I digress. The fact is that I coded the sample in a few minutes and committed to Castle's SVN. Instead of money I'd rather have a few books and a damn A/C adapter to use my laptop during long flights, so I created a nice and long Amazon Wish List. What was my surprise? 90% of the list were purchased and dispatched already. Man, that's so cool!

So, if you reading this post also thinks I somehow made your life a little better, or at least now you code less and have more time to spend with your wife, girlfriend, dog, etc, feel free to buy me one of these things :-P

And Spring guys, I know you so please dont waste your time sending me any packages as I will forward them to the bomb squad.

Seriously, even though things like this unexpected gift may happen, it does show how documentation on castle side is poor, and documentation is a must for any serious open source project. MonoRail for instance has so many undocumented features that I feel like crying... Bear with us, we're working on that anyway. New site, new layout, new content, new setup. Things are improving, promise.

This blog started to pop up ads and I don't know where they are coming from. I really hate them, and if you have a clue, leave a comment, please.

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