20051021 Moving projects into a new workspace
Friday October 21, 2005
Category: Eclipse
I was transitioning between Eclipse 3.0.1 and Eclipse 3.1 for a few weeks now, testing the features in Eclipse 3.1 to see if they are compatible with my projects created in Eclipse 3.0.1. Glad to say that so far I have not encountered any problems with Eclipse 3.1. Workspaces created using E3.0.1 can be opened with E3.1 with no issue.

This morning I decided to complete the migration to E3.1 so that I can free up some free space on my hdd, but found that previously I had created a workspace in the \workspace folder under e3.0.1 to store some of my other smaller projects. That was before I started the practice of creating a new workspace for each set of related projects and keeping them in a folder separate from the Eclipse installation. So I had to move these projects to a new workspace before removing the installation of e3.0.1.

I created a new workspace and tried to import ../../page/projects_using_File-_gt.css;Import. Since I have existing projects, I selected "Existing Projects Into Workspace". The following dialog box allowed me to choose the root folder and the specific project to import. I tried one project, and it was imported properly into the new workspace - with one gotcha: the project files are still residing in the old folder, the new workspace only points to the old folder, allowing me to access the files from the e31 workspace. This is not what I want. What I want is to copy the projects physically to the folder where the new workspace is created.

I noticed that there is another option at the "Import Projects" dialog box for "Select archive file", so I tried zipping up my project in the old workspace and import using the .zip file into the new workspace. It works, with another glitch - somehow some of the subversion meta-data files (under the respective .svn folders) were not zipped up or unzipped properly, and the project is not recognised as an svn project.

Last approach I tried, which is the one that is working for me now:
  1. create an empty project in the new workspace.
  2. Copy the project using the filesystem from the old workspace to the empty folder in the new workspace, over-writing the .classpath and .project files created by creating the new project.
  3. refresh the project in eclipse

There must be a better way to do this, but since it is working for me, I am too lazy to explore the other approaches. [After note: one day after posting the above, I rethink the post, and thought to myself: why did I not think of the approach to simply copy the workspace folder from under E3.0.1 to another location and open the workspace with E3.1. That could be the most time efficient way of solving my problem, but since I have deleted the E3.0.1 installation, there is no way I can verify whether this works.]
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