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Wednesday February 15, 2006
Category: General
I am trying out the FeedFlare service from FeedBurner. However, jroller is not listed in their instructions for adding the javascript to blog templates.

Initially I used the showPermaLink macro in jroller to generate the permanent link to be used as the parameter for flareitem in the FeedFlare url, however showPermaLink generated more than only the permalink.

From both this post and this post I got some ideas and did some tweaking to find the following to work for jroller:
    <script src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/[feedburner_id]?flareitem=
      $absBaseURL/page/$userName?entry=$entry.anchor" type="text/javascript">
Where [feedburner_id] is my userid for FeedBurner, and remember to put the line within the #foreach( $entry in $entries ) loop.

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