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20060204 Saturday February 04, 2006

Latest Jive

I recently blogged about Confluence, which we use internally for all sorts of stuff, and recently put up at wiki.tangosol.com to host online documentation. We haven't yet put JIRA up as a public site, but we do use it extensively internally and hope to eventually have our own public "bug parade" (a la Sun and the Java Developer Connection).

Well, a few days ago we finished an upgrade to the latest Jive Forums 4.2.4 release on our new support site, forums.tangosol.com (formerly tangosol.net), and it really rocks. (Coincidentally, it uses Coherence for clustering. ;-) One of the great features in this new version is that all new posts in a particular forum can be marked as "questions" by default, with simple work-flow to mark which ones are answered and which ones are not. For a support site, that is a super big help for making sure that things get resolved.

Another one I'd like to get into production is Ashkelon, the same open source project that is used to host JDocs.

I have been incredibly pleased at the maturity of many open source projects and commercial products out there for supporting the entire software process, from start to finish, and -- better yet! -- how many of them can be easily hosted for our customers to use. Kudos!

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