20060901 Friday September 01, 2006

I've got to get a handle on developing film

I developed my roll of film where I was experimenting with the zone system. Now I had already started the roll pulling the film to ISO 250 so I could use Perceptol on it. Unfortunately, I didn‘t quite have enough Perceptol for even 1+1 dilution. It ended up being about 1+2, and even though I extended the development time it just wasn‘t enough. There were no strong blacks or whites. Admittedly in the evening there wasn‘t a lot of high contrast light. I still didn‘t get what I was looking for and most of the pictures ended up looking rather gray like the one posted with this article.

Also quite anoying are the streaks from the developer getting caught up in the sprockets. Before I got them because I agitated too vigorously. Now I‘m not agitating enough. I‘ve gotten some good tips, and I‘ll be changing developers soon. I need to get a good routine down that is repeatable and high quality.

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