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About Me

What can I say, like just about everyone else on the planet, I'm a complex guy. I have a number of pieces to the whole that make up who I am and how I interact with folks. Some of who I am can be controvertial--such as being a Bible believing, born again, tongue talkin' Christian. I believe that the Bible is meant to be applied to daily life, not merely talked about in a historical context. Other parts of me are much less controvertial such as being a pragmatic software engineer interested in Open Source.

I don't publish every single thought that flies through my head, but much of what I do publish happens to fall in line with what I do for a living: develop software. I lead two teams (a couple of the members are shared) developing Java software. My company views me as a Java guru, and I seem to be more valuable as a mentor and leader than as someone who just develops software. I have a lot to say as I struggle to fit my new role as it also is being defined in the company.


I am a software engineer, currently using Java as my meal ticket. However, don't take me for a Java lacky because I am constantly looking for new and better ways of doing the same kind of work. I am a proponent of Open Source Software living in the realities of Corporate America. I have to balance both interests as best I can. Add to that the fact that I favor Agile development practices while living in a CMM world (any new federal government contracts require CMM compliance if developing software is part of the picture). I'm constantly looking for ways of mixing the two and having it work. Naturally this is my most vocal topic.

Game Design

I started looking into game design mainly because I play some games, and I have some thoughts on making things better. I prefer role playing games like the Final Fantasy series, but I also enjoy some other genres. I'm not actively doing anything in this realm at the moment, but I may take it back up again.

Graphics Programming

At the same time I was playing with ideas for game design, I started playing with graphics programming--mostly OpenGL. The main reason why is to provide a framework I can use to test my ideas on game design. Of course, as my time was eaten up by other things, I rarely do anything with this anymore.

Martial Arts

I study two forms of martial arts: Purvis' Karate Do, and Batto Do. The first form is a self defense oriented art, so there is very little flash and an emphasis on practical application. While Sensei Purvis has been teaching this for a while, the art is really three or four generations old. It mixes elements of Tae Kwan Do, Jujitsu, Okinawan Goju Ryu, and a smattering of Kung Fu. The person who originated the art is from Korea (if I have my history right), and it originated about the same time that Tae Kwan Do was being formalized. The original sensei was influenced by the Japanese arts more than his own Korean arts--however the end result is a good balance. The other art I study is Japanese swordsmanship, Nakamura Ryu Batto Do. This form originated in the 1920s when the Japanese government realized that they had performed a disservice by not keeping the sword arts alive. The newer form of swordsmanship is influenced by the more modern warfare, and is probably simpler to learn--although the devil is always in the details.

Straight And Narrow

Probably the most controvertial topic I have, and the one that is most important to me, is walking the straight an narrow. As I mentioned above, I am a Biblical purist--if you can show me something that the Word of God says that I'm not doing, I will change. My most important goal in life is to hear those words "Well done My good and faithful servant." I take my walk with the Lord very seriously. I have been accused of my "straight and narrow" being too straight and narrow. That's OK, I won't expect you to be on it unless you say you are. So if you don't claim to be a Christian, I don't expect you to behave like a Christian. However, if you do claim to be a Christian, and you aren't doing the Word, I will bring it to your attention. I expect the same kind of favor myself. It's the process of "judging with the same measure you are judged". No double standards here. (I may hem and haw a little bit, but I can't argue with the Word)...