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20061103 Friday November 03, 2006

Spring Live Status Category: Spring Live

I updated Chapters 8 - 13 + Appendix A in July and it's been in tech and copy edit ever since. Currently, we're editing Chapters 12 and 13, so we're close to a release - hopefully sometime in December. Unfortunately, since I updated it in July, these updates don't cover Spring 2.0. Maintaining a book for 2.5 years certainly isn't easy. (2006-11-03 20:41:30.0) Permalink Comments [5]


I'ts a bit sad for the sourcebeat idea of an evolving book...
I renewed my subscription for another year waiting for a new release, for a book evolving at the same pace as spring does and it doesn't seem to happen. So what is the sourcebeat uniqueness at the end ?
I understand maintaining a book is a big task, but this was the idea from the beginning, wasn't it ?
Your book is a great book and great value to start using Spring and integrating the other technologies, but if it refers to old stuff, it looses quite a bit of interest.

Posted by Marc Lebeau on November 07, 2006 at 03:05 AM EST #

I agree with everything you say Marc. I was gung ho to update Spring Live for the first couple years, but lately it's lost its appeal.

Posted by Matt Raible ( on November 07, 2006 at 01:19 PM EST #

Same with DesktopLive-no update since Nov 2005 and I made a mistake to renew my subscription at the begining of the year and so far no updates to date and the blog is virtually dead. At least Matt has kept his blogs going. Maybe we just accept sourcebeat idea is not sustainable and consider it a dead project & a rip off for those of us who renewed with the hope of seeing more updates.

Posted by Chanda Mwale on November 09, 2006 at 04:17 AM EST #

Marc and Chanda, your comments are well taken. In defense of Matt and Scott's books, each of those are bigger than what is/was expected of a Live book. The model called for 250 page books that could be "easily" (a relative term) updated over time. Matt's book is now over 700 pages and Scott's is almost 400. While the updates have lacked, the amount of content has not. I do agree that it is not what we market ourselves to be, but I just wanted to put things a bit in perspective. Because of this, we have added a new platform to our catalog. Our 101 books will be smaller (150-200) pages, not updated, and lower cost ($12-15). The authors will update them 1-2 times a year, but it will not be a subscription-based system. We think this will be a model that will meet the needs of the developer community more while also not taxing the author too much. From a Spring standpoint, the 101's will have the "Matt Raible Series"; a number of books on specific aspects of Spring, including Persistence, AOP, Security and Web. The Persistence book will be the first, and should be out in January.

Posted by Matt Filios on November 13, 2006 at 09:40 AM EST #

This proves there is no magic formula in the technical books publishing world today, as it had has to compete with Wiki's and blogs. Wrox tried with multi-author big volume books that kept pace with technology advancement, but the quality and coherence was lacking and it folded under its own weight. Apress is basically continuing with the Wrox model and I do not see it thriving. O'Reilly used to put out solid books, but IMHO Bruce Tate single-handedly destroyed that. Today I only read books from Manning - they seem to know how to generate enough of a cult following by signing up industry heavy-hitters to write the "In Action" series of books for them. Even though the books may not be as timely as Wrox used to put out, the insightfulness of the content compensates for that. IMHO, 101 types of books won't cut it, as people can just Google the web, find a bunch of short articles and play with code samples in those and get up and running in no time. If I want to pay for 20-30 bucks for a book, it better offers a complete set of solutions with real world type of examples.

Posted by Eric Ma ( on November 14, 2006 at 05:00 PM EST #

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