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20041218 Saturday December 18, 2004

Fighting Roller Comment Spam Category: Author

My personal blog doesn't get much comment spam. When it does, I get an e-mail notification with a link to delete it right away. JRoller doesn't have an e-mail notification feature, so it's hard to tell when you've been attacked. Here's what I've done to fight it until Roller 1.0 is installed.

  • Create a "Recent Comments" page. This is pretty easy to do, just go to Website >> Page Templates and add a new page. Name it "Recent Comments", give it a link like "comments" and then fill it with the following:

    #set($numComments = 20)
    <h1>Last $numComments Comments</h1>

  • With a Recent Comments page, you can check periodically for new comments and you'll easily notice the spam. This makes it easier to navigate and delete the comments that are spam - and respond to ones you weren't notified about.

Usually when I notice an onslaught of comment spam, I turn off comments (under Website) and turn them back on a few days later. (2004-12-18 19:08:09.0) Permalink Comments [1]

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You are lucky!
Wait till you get around 600 comment spams a day. Then in addition to comment spam you will get 600 email spams aka comment notifications. Email notification actually becomes a pain when you start receiving more than 50 a day. I have turned them off.
I use CAPTCHA & post file renaming to effectively fight comment spam.
I have described in

Posted by Angsuman Chakraborty on December 20, 2004 at 09:36 PM EST
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