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20061128 Tuesday November 28, 2006

Cool features in Spring 2.0: The "p" namespace and JavaConfig Category: Spring Live

Rod Johnson has blogged twice on the Interface21 Team Blog in the last week. With the interesting blogs he's been posting, it's a wonder he doesn't write more. Click on the links below to learn about some cool features in Spring 2.0:

  • XML Syntax Sugar in Spring 2.0
  • A Java configuration option for Spring

Craig Walls also has some comments on the "p" namespace and the Java configuration option. I don't know how I feel about the "p" namespace, but I'll be asking AppFuse users what they think over the next week. In addition, I'll be watching the Java configuration project closely - this might be a good way to eliminate Spring's XML in AppFuse 2.2. You might notice on the AppFuse Roadmap that we hope to eliminate the need to write XML in this release (in favor of Convention over Configuration).

As far as blogging The Spring Experience next week, I'll do it if the sessions/speakers inspire me to do so. ;-) (2006-11-28 16:44:57.0) Permalink Comments [1]


This p: namespace is the Holy Hand-Grenade for simplifying configuration files :-)

Although it would be even better to have a r:something for references instead of p:something-ref. But fortunately, it is custom implementable, I believe :-)



Posted by Robert Varga on November 29, 2006 at 02:44 PM EST #

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