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Personalized domains for your blog? ... We're considering whether to implement "per blog" DNS support for JRoller. You'd be able...

Posted Dec 15, 2005 (By jroller)

10000 Strong and Growing ... After just two years, there are now 10000 developers who have created a blog here at JRoller. Co...

Posted Dec 10, 2005 (By jroller)

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how to identify objects which are not serialized in jdk1.4.2 ...

I am working on weblogic8.1 sp4 upgrade. The application deploys good, but is getting a serialization exception on one particular use case. I tried serializing almost all classes, but no luck. I am wo...

... | /Java | Dec 23, 2005 11:36:47 AM | en_US

are RIA's ready to replace Desktop Apps ?

For the past week or so I've been arguing with people left and right , that Rich Internet Applications , be it based on a flash like plugin be it based on Ajax , are not ready to successfully replace ...

Coszmin Bucur's Weblog ... | /Developer | Dec 23, 2005 11:31:13 AM | en_CA

Try something creative

I'd encourage all developers and technical people to attempt something that is purely artistic. Try photography, painting, etc. Anything that will get you excercising that other half of your brain. ...

Development Budoka ... | /Development | Dec 23, 2005 10:48:17 AM | en

Maven2 experience

I am in full swing learning Maven 2 and at the same time using it at one of my projects at work. So far I made some real good progress and I really like it so far. Working with Maven simply feels much...

Gunnar Hillert's... | /Java | Dec 23, 2005 10:00:10 AM | en_US

Use Two Monitors

If you do web development at all, I highly recommend that you invest in two monitors. One will be at the maximum resolution so that you can do as much work as you can, and the other will be to see wh...

Development Budoka ... | /Development | Dec 23, 2005 9:31:49 AM | en

J2EE app architecture introspective

I don‘t have any original thoughts on this, and don‘t think I even fully understand the solution. However, after readying some articles prompted by a thread in extremeprogramming@yahoo...

Angrygreg's Blog ... | /Java | Dec 23, 2005 8:32:03 AM | en_US

Ruby rdoc viewers still leave room for improvement

First a question, how do you go about looking up Rails or Gems API docs quickly while programming? As a relatively new Ruby user I've just always assumed something was wrong with my Ruby install...

Todd Huss | /Technology | Dec 23, 2005 8:10:56 AM | en_US

JavaPolis 2005

JavaPolis 2005 JavaPolis 2005 Dear Reader, Your editor has attended the JavaPolis 2005 in Antwerp, Belgium . Let's face it folks...

Peter Pilgrim's Weblog ... | /Java | Dec 23, 2005 7:11:22 AM | en_GB

Back to The Future... I mean Java

I am preparing back to Java again, yes I mean Java the programming language, and actually I am in Java Island right now . It‘s been almost a year that I haven‘t really touch Java, most wo...

Kode Java Weblog ... | /Java | Dec 23, 2005 6:35:00 AM | en

Code Generator vs. Dynamic Creation of JPanel

Some days ago I wrote about Java Code Generator for Swing Panels . And Erick Reid wrote I would be lazy. That is true I am lazy and do not like to hurry up all the changes the business logic team i...

stritti's weblog ... | /Java | Dec 23, 2005 4:33:05 AM | en

2006 tech predictions- SOA hot again!

That time of the year now.. where technology predictions happen. Saw an AMR Research analysis today, talking about themes to look for in 2006. Needless to say, SOA finds mention in the top 5 list!...

Ramesh Loganathan's... | /Java | Dec 23, 2005 2:06:08 AM | en

URL connection to HTTP and HTTPS resource

Step 1 ------ Save the certificate of the target server to some location in your systeme (xyz.cer) Note : This certificate is issued by a non trusted party Step 2 ------ ...

Hari Haran's Weblog ... | /Java | Dec 23, 2005 12:55:09 AM | Link | en_IN

Am I a Rails Sneezer?

I'm pretty sure Rails qualifies as an ideavirus , so does that make me a sneezer ? Read how Seth Godin describes a sneezer , then come back and let me know what you think in the comments.

Obie Fernandez ... | /Technology | Dec 23, 2005 12:37:46 AM | en


had had some trouble with getting xp pro to hum, but drivers are now up to date, and this is first blog entry from new pc , now running xp vs. fc4...

do while .t. ... | /Developer | Dec 22, 2005 11:30:48 PM | en_US

JSF Googlable Links with Parameters Pattern

I've found that the h:outputLink component can be quite handy for generating search engine friendly links. Here's a quick example: <h:outputLink value="view.faces?vehicle=#{vehicle....

Jesse Sightler's... | /Java | Dec 22, 2005 10:47:12 PM | en_US

Updated J2ME information on JVMs and Chip Platforms

I have updated both my J2ME JVMs list and the Mobile Chip Platforms list . Its part of my information matrix that I use to determine the technologial and business feasibility of a mobile solution....

ShareMe Technologies LLC-The... | /J2ME Technology | Dec 22, 2005 7:38:32 PM | en

request dumper util

was dismayed to find only examples that did not account for arrays of values when looking to google my way out of coding this myself (lazy). needed to know what was getting tossed about in these re...

do while .t. ... | /Developer | Dec 22, 2005 4:14:49 PM | en_US

The Unknown is Scary

People react differently when they don't know the answer, or when they don't have the courage to challange the status quo. Some people come up with all the excuses that have been uttered a thousand t...

Development Budoka ... | /Development | Dec 22, 2005 4:05:50 PM | en

Extreme Environment

after all the effort, I have finally set up my Extreme Software Development Environment (M2+SVN+Eclipse+Clover+Jira+AspectJ5) Solaris 10 Sparc Jira 3.4.1 Confluence 1.4.4 Maven 2.1 (compile...

Leung Man Chi's Weblog ... | /Developer | Dec 22, 2005 3:51:19 PM | en

Merry Christmas, now get back to work

I've been busy, and this blog has been collecting digital dust just sitting around. I have discovered Google Analytics , however, so I have been faithfully tracking just how unread my blog has bee...

that dismal science ... | /Java | Dec 22, 2005 2:48:56 PM | en

Massive Scalability and Fast Cars

In my opinion, questions like "Can you scale a Rails (or J2EE, or ASP.NET) application to the size of eBay or Amazon?" are kind of dumb. No matter what the underlying technology is, the answ...

Obie Fernandez ... | /Technology | Dec 22, 2005 1:38:44 PM | en


downloaded and installed this simple and well-done plugin yesterday for making things all caps and other string-based foolery. being able to futz with strings is something i do enough to make thi...

do while .t. ... | /eclipse | Dec 22, 2005 11:56:19 AM | en_US

Loader constraints violated

I was running my JUnit tests via Maven, and ran into the following error: loader constraints violated when linking org/w3c/dom/Node class java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraints violated wh...

Kenrick Chien's Weblog ... | /Java | Dec 22, 2005 11:38:24 AM | en_US

XDoclet (EJB) and Spring

My project was using XDoclet to annotate our EJBs. I wanted to use Spring, and still keep the EJB, so I had the bean class extend Spring's AbstractStatelessSessionBean. The problem? The classes that X...

Kenrick Chien's Weblog ... | /Java | Dec 22, 2005 11:35:16 AM | en_US

Using the Spring AOP Framework with EJB Components

BEA dev2dev portal published my article " Using the Spring AOP Framework with EJB Components ". Though this may not be the most common usage of the Spring AOP and the Spring Framework itse...

Euxx | /Java | Dec 22, 2005 11:26:33 AM | en

Why is Eclipse 3.2M4 slow and where do I find more information? ...

It's driving me nuts. Eclipse 3.2 M4 seems fine when I start it. But after using it for about 1/2 hour it's taking 20% of the CPU. Leave it idle for a few hours and check on it when it comes back. ...

Through The Needle's... | /Java | Dec 22, 2005 10:41:35 AM | en_US

employee representation

as an employee, especially of any well-known entity, you take on some responsibility for professionally representing your employer. i've noted where this is done well in the case of a large bank. th...

do while .t. ... | /Developer | Dec 22, 2005 10:30:39 AM | en_US

Why every Java developer should learn Ruby

I think that every Java developer should take the time to learn Ruby. All the hype around Ruby and RoR have turned this into something of a turf war, and that's unfortunate because every Java develop...

Tim Fennell's Weblog ... | /Java | Dec 22, 2005 8:13:58 AM | en_GB

Web Certification Musings

I just passed my SCWCD exam... overall I found studying for it to be worthwhile because I found out a few details I never had known about/understood before, and I learned some "new" stuff in...

n9ski's Weblog ... | /Java | Dec 22, 2005 7:00:00 AM | en_US

Class Loading Problems

Here is the link to an interesting series of articles regarding Class Loading Problems.

Just in Time ... | /Java | Dec 22, 2005 1:15:54 AM | en_US